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Larry Quicksall

Quicksall Family in America

I began my interest in researching the Quicksall family, and specifically my family line, when I was in high school, approximately 20 years ago.  In the years since, my interest in the unique Quicksall history has continued to grow.  At times I wish their were two or three of me, so I could dedicate at least one to understanding and recording the history of this grand family.

It appears at this time in researching the family, that there are actually two family groups of Quicksalls in the United States.  The first group would be the descendants of William Quicksall of Boulones, born in 1672 and immigrated with his unknown parents to New Jersey in the 1680s.  I often refers to this family group as the "Old Quicksalls."  The other group I just learned of this past year.  Reverend Jonathan Erastus Quicksall immigrated to Virginia from England, apparently by way of France, in the late 18th century.  I refer to this family group as the "New Quicksalls."  

I am a part of the "New Quicksalls" and for years had been trying unsuccessfully to connect Rev. Jonathan Erastus Quicksall, my great-great-great-great grandfather, to the older Quicksalls.  Apparently, the reason I could not make the connection is because, if their is a connection, it goes back to England!

With this new understanding of the Quicksall family, I am redesigning the web site to reflect this division and to help people "get connected" into their correct branch of the family tree.  As always, if you have any question, comments, suggestions, or submissions, please contact me directly.  You can email me at genealogy @ quicksall.net(Leave out the spaces when typing in my email address -- I am placing them there to try and hide my email address from those just wanting to send spam!)

Larry Edward Quicksall
Effingham, Illinois


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