Photographs of Wabash School Students

Wabash School Photo taken on December 9, 1891 -- Sylvester Clawson, Teacher

First Row: Gertie Elam, Gertie Bassett, Ora Quicksall, Florence Spain,
Florence Quicksall, Nora Quicksall, Charles Quicksall, and Ray Baker.

Second Row: Nellie Elam and Willie Spain.

Third Row: Mary Elam, Nan Elam, Lucy Quicksall, Mary Quicksall,
Josephine Anderson, Sylvester Clawson - Teacher, Martha Daniels,
Allie Allen, Daisy Bassett, Cleo Bassett, Fannie Quicksall, and Dorothy Lugar.

Fourth Row: Robert Bowie, Charlie Ramsey, Herman Allen, George Elam,
Matt Elam, Henry Elam, John Quicksall, and Maggie Lugar.

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