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Transcribing my father's book into html format has been a wonderful labor of love. Far too often we lose our past, our heritage, and when it is gone it is gone forever. It is my sincere hope that my father's memories of the Wabash School will live beyond both him and myself for the enjoyment of his grandchildren and many others.

This project has been many years in the making, from collecting information and writing page after page of memories, to the final part of typing, typesetting, and transcribing. If anyone reading this has old stories to share, maybe your own or your parents or grandparents, please take the time to write them down. Those who read them in the future will greatly appreciate your efforts and desires to pass them on.

This electronic book began as handwritten and typed pages, which were typeset in Microsoft Word, then transcribed into html using Microsoft Frontpage. 

Larry E. Quicksall

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