What Happened to the Old Schoolhouses

The First School House

The Spain School, which was a log cabin, was thought to have been built around 1831. It was used for a home at first, and then in the later 1830s was used for the school and continued as such until 1872. It was used for school purposes for approximately 35 years. After 40 years of use, a log cabin was probably in bad condition and not used for anything after that.


The Second School House

The second school house was built in section 30 on the property of J.J. Elam. It was built in 1872 for $598.00 and used for school until 1890: 18 years. At this time, it was sold to J.H. Quicksall. I understand it was jacked up and put on rollers and pulled with horses to his farm, which was around 800 feet north of the location of the school. He built a shed on three sides for cattle to use and stored hay in the schoolhouse. By the 1960s it had not been used for a long time and was completely razed, thus ending the second school house.


The Third School House

The third school house was built in 1890 and used for school until 1948 when the Wabash School consolidated. It was used as a one-room schoolhouse for District 120 for 58 years. Robert Elam purchased the schoolhouse in 1949, and in the next few years, he had red asphalt siding put on the exterior and divided the one-room into several smaller rooms. Giles Nichols lived in the renovated schoolhouse for a short time. In March 1994, after being empty for approximately 35 years, the old school house was finally razed, thus ending the Wabash School, which really ended in 1948. Many of us still have our memories of "the good ol' days" to pass on to anyone who would like to listen.

The Third Wabash School Building
Photographed from the Northwest

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