History of the Wabash School
Table of Contents

Cover Page

Featuring photo of the Wabash School

I. Introductory Information

Copyright Information
Additions and Corrections
About the Author
The Old Schoolhouse (poem)
II. In the Beginning

The First Settlers
The Weatherspoon Mill
John Spain
The Runaway Slaves
The Spain School

III. The Log Cabin 
Spain School

First Known Written Records (1863)
1864 District Census
District Expenses from 1865 to 1870
IV. A New Schoolhouse Vote for New Schoolhouse
Detailed Description
1872 District Census
Preparations for the Second New Schoolhouse
1890 District Census
V. Second New Schoolhouse Detailed Description
Bidding and Construction
Results of 1890 Census
Items for New Schoolhouse
Changes in School Year
VI. Heating of the Schoolhouse

Listing of those supplying wood and coal
to the Wabash School from 1876 to 1927

VII. Teachers of the Wabash School Listing of all teachers from 1862 to 1948
VIII. Photographs of a Few of the School Teachers

Old photos beginning in 1891

IX. End of the Wabash School District

How the districted ended and what happened to the schoolhouse

X. Statistics Some of the school district census statistics from 1875 through 1920

XI. Students that Attended the Wabash School

Students who were known to have attended the Wabash School over the years
XII. Photographs of Wabash School Students 1891 School Photo
1909 School Photo
1922 "Reunion" Photo
1923 School Photo
1932 School Photo
1934 School Photo
1935 Photo of Last Day of School
1940 School Photo
XIII. Assorted Memories Assorted memories of Edward Quicksall from his days at the Wabash School
XIV. Early Homesteads and Families in the Wabash District A listing of all known families in the Wabash District,
plus a corresponding map of homesteads sites
XV. What Happened to the Old Schoolhouses An account of what happened to each building when it was no longer used for school
XVI. Favorite Songs and Games Several favorite songs and games of the Wabash School students
XVII. Addendum This section was added after the original printing of the book. It includes records of students and class schedule of the 1947-48 school year, the school's final year.
The End Final thoughts by Larry Quicksall



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