A New Schoolhouse

1872 April 12th
This day the board advertised for two Elections to be held at the Spain School House on the 22nd for the purpose of voting for a new School House at or near the center of the District, and also for voting for or against an appropriation on the taxable property not to exceed three percent. And to leave the amount to the judgment of the Board of Directors. Three Notices were posted up notifying the Election of the above on the 12th day of the April, 1872. -- D.L. Robey, Clerk

April 22nd, 1872
This day the board met according to previous notice and proceded to business. The first thing done was to select Judges and Clerk in consequence of there being two elections held at the same time. There upon D.D. Cadwell, J.M. Spain, and J.H. Quicksall were selected for the board to receive the votes cast for or against building the School House at the center of the district. The regular board, Fred Ruff, Minor Quicksall, and D.L. Robey, received the votes cast for and against Levying the tax to build a new School House at or near the center of the
district. And upon canvasing the votes it was found that fourteen votes were cast for building the School House at or near the center of the District and nine votes were cast against it. And it was also found that ten votes were cast for Levying a tax to build a New School House at or near the center of the District and nine votes were cast against it. -- D.L. Robey, Clerk

Later the board met to determine the specific dimensions of the new schoolhouse. The schoolhouse was built on land now owned by Edward Quicksall. The site was just north of the existing pond along the road on the east edge of Section 30.

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Township Schools in 1872.

Size 20 feet by 28 feet. Height 9 feet in the clear. Sills white or bur oak. Them to be set on 14 post oak blocks. Siding to be pine. Ceiled with pine ceiling 3 1/2 feet high from the floor and also ceiled over head with same kind of material. The black board to be made of smooth dressed pine lumber the width of the house. The floor to be of ash lumber. The balance of the room to be lathed and plastered with two coats of good plaster.

The room to be properly seated with seats and desks made from 1 1/2 inch walnut lumber. The seats to be arranged as follows. One tier of half seats against each side. And a half aisle, then a tier of seats on each side of the aisle in the center. All the seats and desks to be made stationary. One long recitation seat or bench and two small benches "movable" to be occupied near the stove.

Also a good stove flue made of brick. Shingles pine sawed. 6 windows beside the transom lights 9X14 inches. Windows to ventilate from above. Size of windows 12 lights and double sutters to windows fastening on inside, with one door and a good lock. Two coats of white lead paint on the outside. All the above specified work to be made from good material. -- D.L. Roby, Clerk

August 31, 1872
The board met and proceeded to sell out the building of the School House. Bids were received and the lowest bid being Five hundred and Ninty-eight dollars put in by Vollmer, Hamilton, Gehl & Company. The building to be completed by the 25th day of December, 1872.

April 24, 1873
This day the board met, all being present and examined the new School House and received the same as per contract and issued and order to Vollmer, Gehl & Company builders for
Five Hundred and Ninety-eight Dollars.

June 13, 1877
Board met and insured the School House in the sum of Five Hundred Dollars $500.00 in the Forest City Insurance Company of Rockford, Illinois, and gave Note payable on the first day of July, 1878, in the sum of
Twenty-two 50/100 Dollars. $22.50. -- D.L. Roby, Clerk

October 11, 1887
Board met and let the contract of building two Privies to Minor Quicksall at $8.40. The material costing $14.10 making a total of $22.50. -- J.E. Wade, Clerk

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Township Schools in 1890.

April 23, 1887
The Board of Directors of School District No. 4 in Town 10, Range 6, State of Illinois met on the above date and employed Sylvester Clawson to teach a term of five months in said District at a salary of Forty-five Dollars per month beginning the first Monday in October. Next to furnish six boxes of chalk [or School Crayons] and six blackboard erasers and all of the brooms necessary for the use of the School Room during his said term of teaching, and also to build the fires and do the sweeping in the School Room or have it done at his own expense. -- J.H. Quicksall, Clerk -- J.H. Spain, President

September 29, 1887
A contract was let for putting nine blocks under School House, make four seats and putting them in, and putting roof caps on School House and under pining the same for Nine Dollars and fifty cents. It was let to Marion Quicksall.

September 21, 1889
At a meeting held by the Directors it was decided to have a special Election held at the School House on third Saturday in October to submit to the Legal Voters of the District the proposition of building a new frame School House, not to exceed Four Hundred Dollars in cost, on the public highway at or near the Northeast corner of Section 30 in Town 10, Range 6, east of the 3rd P.M., or as near said point as practical. Or move the present School House to said point or place. -- Directors: T.L. Elam, President; J.H. Quicksall, Clerk; Arnold Becker

I believe at this time is when Big Spring Township was made smaller and Sigel Township started. The south part of Wabash School District went to Union School District which left the existing Wabash School House at the south part of its new district boundaries. I found in the records where the Directors transferred tax money to the Union District at this time.


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